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Silent Studios with Team Zombie were back at EGX for their third year in a row and this time promoting DEAD ISLAND 2.


Always a great event to be a part of and the Zombies from Silent Studios TEAM ZOMBIE again showed why  they are the number UK Promotional Zombie Team.


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Dead Island 2 was received very well by all and Silent Studios TEAM ZOMBIE made the stand experience that much more exciting.

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Silent Studios spent the day at the ITN studios with Laurie Blake who we made into a orc from The Shadow of Mordor game release.


Simon from Game On whilst reviewing Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, captures Laurie gets dressed up as an orc and harasses his co-workers.

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Xbox One Launch at Microsoft HQ


Silent Studios yesterday spent the day at Microsoft HQ doing the PR launch for Xbox one with their custom zombies direct from the Dead Rising 3 game and supported with some amazing photography. Without doubt showing the world we make the best monsters !!




Silent Studios also supported the Xbox ONE launch video with zombie (David Sellicks) , Roman Soldiers and the F1 Driver (Jason Wright), plus the make up team as well so follow for more horror and gaming coming soon ...

Dead Rising 3 - XBOX one - Wembley Launch

As part of the XBOX One launch at Wembley the Silent Studios team armed with Zombies and Make Up Artists, showed off their custom made Zombies specific to the release of the new game Dead Rising 3.


Big thank you to all of the team involved and if you are interested in horror, zombies or just want to get involved please get in touch today by contacting our Marketing Manager Kirsty Richardson by emailing:


Dead Island Riptide Wedding

On the 23rd of April, Silent Studios worked on the UK's first Zombie Wedding. Rob Blackmore and Jennifer Jones tied the knot and become the first married zombie husband and wife.

The amazing event was hosted by Koch Media to celebrate the launch of DEAD ISLAND RIPTIDE and with our friends from Dead Good Media we supported and worked throughout the wedding to transform the Bride, Groom, Staff and even the Band into the undead.

Our own UK Entertainment's Director, David Sellicks was also drafted i
n                     to  be the Zombie Priest for this unique event. 
               To view some of the activities via video please visit our you tube

              If you would like to know more about us and hire us for any horror  

              work please contact our marketing manager Kirsty Richardson by



Dead Island Riptide - MCV Gaming Awards

Silent Studios at Dead Island Riptide game awards and David Sellicks our UK Entertainment Director seems to have a smile on his face :)
The photo is just to show the level of special effects make-up our team is using and also to promote our new products which will be for sale in the near future.
So hold this in mind when you team up with us on a project as this is the standard we hope to bring to all our zombies and future work.


Dead Island Riptide Promotion

Silent Studios and Team Zombie are helping promote Dead Island Riptide.
Online Sun Interview about the game

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