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Zombie Team for Hire



Silent Studios is the UK's first to offer a professional zombie team to hire for promotional jobs. We have some of the scarest zombies and some of the most talented makeup artists to give that realistic zombie look and scare. We have zombie trainers as well who can teach how to walk, stalk and grunt like a zombie.
Silent Studios Team Zombie have been zombie hire for the many promotional jobs with some of the biggest companies in the world from media launches, film production, TV production, video games, exhibitions and events.
Resident Evil 6 - UK Game Commercial, EGX Gaming Support.
Dead Island Riptide - Zombie Wedding, Video Award Gaming Evening.
Dead Island 2 - EGX Gaming Support
Dead Rising 3 - Microsoft HQ Event, EGX Gaming Support
XBOX one - Launch Video
Big Brother - Scare event with housemates
Samsung - Zombie Cage, Public Scare Event
For further information please call or email us on:
Tel: 07716349485 or 07851041483

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